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The War of 1812


Great Britain had been at war with Napoleon Bonaparte’s France since 1803.  To counter the French threat, Britain expanded the Royal Navy and required additional sailors to man their ships.  Most sailors were forced into serving, resulting in a high desertion rate.  When the Impress Service failed to find enough sailors in the taverns of […]

Battles of New Orleans


17 Dec 1814 – Fifty British skiffs, each armed with a small cannon, attacked and captured five American gunboats becalmed in Lake Borgne, east of New Orleans.  This allowed the British to begin transporting soldiers across the lake. 23 Dec 1814 – Jackson was notified at about noon on 23 Dec that 1,800 British soldiers […]

Dolley Payne Todd Madison


Dolley Madison is my favorite character in American History, and the reason is this woman is not only courageous and heroic, risking her life to save things for posterity, this is a woman who is beloved, the most beloved woman to ever occupy the White House, admired and respected by the rich, absolutely beloved by […]