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HMS Albion


74-gun third-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy. Launched: 17 June 1802.   Broken up:  1836 Class and type: Fame-class ship of the line Tons burthen: 1740 Length: 175 ft (gundeck) Beam: 47 ft 6 in Depth of hold: 20 ft 6 in Sail plan: Full rigged ship Crew: 567:   36 officers   434 men   […]

Girandoni Air Rifle


Overview. The Girandoni Air Rifle was a .46 caliber, tubular-magazine-fed, air-powered rifle that could fire 22 shots within a minute, each shot as accurate and lethal as black-powder muskets of the day.  Can you say Assault Rifle? The butt-stock was a removable compressed air tank, and could fire 40+ shots before needing to be replaced.  […]

Voyages of the Steam Boat Enterprise


The Steam Boat Enterprise. Built in 1814 at Brownsville, PA. 75 tons displacement, about 40 tons cargo capacity. The first steamboat to journey up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers from New Orleans, LA to Pittsburgh, PA to Brownsville, PA. It participated in the defense of New Orleans, making it the first use of a steam powered ship in battle.